Is Windows 10 Activation Key the Only Method for Activation?

The Windows 10 was released to the market for some time now and it’s getting more and more people to use the Microsoft latest Operating System (OS).

Whether you know it or not, you need to activate the OS so that you can enjoy their full features and functionalities. This applies to Win 10 too.

What is the Windows 10 activation key and do you need it?

The activation key also called the product key or serial number. It’s a set of 25-character number that you will get once you purchase a genuine copy of Microsoft license.

But with the latest Win 10, you can have two options for Windows activation – that’s using the product key or digital entitlement.


How to Activate Windows 10?

Beside the two activation options mentioned above, you still can use the third-party software called Windows activator to activate Win 10.

So, whether you want to use the product key or digital entitlement method is depend to how you get the copy of Windows OS.

But there is no universal serial number that you can use to activate all editions of Win10. But Microsoft release a unique product key for every edition of their software once you purchase a genuine copy of the software. That serial key can only be use for one PC.

Here is an example of Windows 10 Enterprise product key:

CKFK9-QNGF2-D34FM-99QX3-8XC4K [not a valid key]


The costs of of Windows 10 vary from one edition to another. But generally it’s above $150 to get a valid license key. Some of you may not be able to pay the cost so you can have an alternative of using the activator.


Using the Windows 10 Activator

One of the greatest things about the activator is that it’s FREE! You can download it from any websites that offering the tools like on this page.

Many people have luck using those activators to activate Windows. But we cannot guarantee that those tools work for all the editions of Windows.

There are several activators in the market that you can rely on like:

  • KMSpico – great for Windows 8/10
  • Microsoft toolkit – for Windows and MS Office activation

One important criteria that may affect you success rate when using the activator is the tools being used on the system. You must uninstall any activators/tools before using/install a new tool on the computer.

In case one activator is not working, uninstall it and try the other tools. Those tools are proven to works on many PCs by many people around the world.



I hope that this article can give you more understanding on Windows 10 activation key. You can use the genuine/legal method or using the free activator to achieve your purpose.

Please note that if you are using the unethical way of using Win activator, use it at your own risk and do support the developer once you can afford to purchase the software.

All the best in your Windows activation!