Cadillac auction highlights auto-exchange scam, stolen car insurance

Cadillac auctioneer Carmax is auctioning off insurance quotes and stolen cars to raise awareness about auto insurance scams and car theft.

The auto auction company announced Friday that it was auctioning the vehicles it has stolen since 2006.

The vehicles include:A Cadillac Escalade, which was stolen in 2009; an Escalades, which has been reported stolen in at least two states; and an Escort, which is a Cadillac model, that was stolen last year in California.

The Cadillac Escallade was sold in January 2016 and was sold at an auction in San Diego, California.

A Cadillac Range Rover, which had a theft reported in June 2015 in California, was sold last month in Detroit, Michigan.

All the vehicles are in the process of being sold by Carmax.

The auction is expected to close next week.

The insurance companies are trying to protect people from insurance fraud, but they often use the stolen vehicles as a source of revenue.

The Auto Theft Action Network (ATAN), which is based in New York City, said in a statement Friday that the stolen cars are “in danger of being used by law enforcement, private investigators and other criminal organizations to further their illegal activities.”

The insurance industry has made changes to the auto insurance marketplace, including limiting how much a company can charge for insurance.

In an email to CBS News, Carmax said that while the company is aware of the thefts, the cars have not been used to sell insurance.

The company said the vehicles have not had any damage, but that the vehicles were not sold to the highest bidder.