The best auction sites in Australia: a guide to the best auctions, for sale, for money, anywhere

Auctioneer Brian Harms, who’s based in Australia and works for the US-based online auction site eBay, recently wrote a blog post entitled, “The Best Auction Sites in Australia” in which he listed the best sites for auctioning cars.

This is the most comprehensive list that we’ve seen, and it’s certainly a useful starting point for those of us who want to get to grips with how auctions work in Australia.

You can read Harms’ original post here.

The site includes a wealth of information about auctions, including an overview of how auctions are organised, and what happens during the process of a sale.

The site also includes a short guide to each auction’s price and how to get the best price.

The key points are that a good deal is often a good price.

It’s hard to tell from a simple glance at a car’s current market value, but that’s often how a lot of people think.

And while there’s no magic formula to figure out the best car to buy, there are plenty of useful hints here.

When it comes to buying a car, the first thing you want to know is where it’s sitting in the auction.

This can be tricky, as lots of auctions are structured to give the highest bids on top of the lowest prices, which often mean that bids are the same for all cars, or even all cars in a lot.

To find the best value, it’s best to start by looking at the car’s value in relation to its current market price, as that’s where most of the bidding takes place.

If you’re keen on buying a lot for the first time, it could be worth checking on the current price, rather than looking at bids.

The auction site will show you the current market prices of the cars, and they’ll also give you a rough estimate of how much you’ll be paying.

For example, if you’re in the market for a 2015 Ferrari F430 Spyder, it might be worth asking how much it’s currently selling for, but if you have a history of bidding on F430s, it would be more likely to be a bargain.

In other words, look for lots that are in a reasonably good condition and don’t have any significant history of being bid up.

The auction site also has a useful list of all the cars available for sale in a given auction.

Some are a little more esoteric than others, but most are fairly simple.

It lists the cars that are currently in sale in Australia, and also gives you an indication of the current value of each one.

This lets you quickly see if you might be able to get a deal for your money, and, more importantly, helps you get an idea of what a good bargain it is to buy a car from an auction.

To narrow down the best deals, you can check out the car listings in each auction, which are sorted by category.

In some auctions, there’s also a “category-by-category” view of listings.

If your interests lie in certain categories, you’ll also find a list of the available lots available for auction.

You’ll also be able see a list on the home page of the site.

This shows the listings by day, week and month.

If a lot is selling out, the site will let you know, allowing you to place bids to buy the car.

It could be tempting to buy lots in a short time, but you’ll probably end up bidding way too much.

You can also get a quick view of all of the auctions that are running in a specific time.

These are known as “schedules”, and they show all of what’s going on at a particular auction at a specific moment.

A lot of auctions run on a Sunday or a Tuesday, for example, and a lot in a particular week is often selling out in a matter of minutes.

It would be wise to get bids from as many different people as possible in order to maximise your chance of getting a good sale.

Forget about buying cars in bulkIf you’re not keen on the big-ticket items, or you’re a bit more interested in bargains in general, you might consider bidding on cars in smaller lots.

These tend to be more popular, and are usually much more difficult to get into, but they also tend to sell out quickly.

The website also has some handy charts and links to a wealth a lot more detail on each of these types of auctions.

These aren’t just for the big ones, either.

For example, it has a guide on buying bargains on small lots, and if you want a good insight into the different types of small lots in each category, the website also provides links to other good bargains for each type of small lot.