When the Confederate Battle Flag Goes Up at the Kansas Auction

The Kansas City, Kansas, auction house has sold off its last Confederate battle flag, the one used during the Civil War, amid growing public and legal backlash over the flag’s use in the Confederate-flag controversy.

The flag was sold at auction in January.

The auction house announced the sale of the flag, which is no longer in the hands of the Confederate States of America.

The Confederate battle emblem was used by the Confederacy until it was abolished in 1865 by the Supreme Court in a landmark decision.

The sale comes as the country is still grappling with the legacy of the Civil Rights movement, a period of racial and economic upheaval during which many white people felt they had no recourse to their race.

The Southern Baptist Convention said the flag represents “a stain on the nation’s history” and said its use is “deeply offensive to all Americans.”

In response, the Confederate battle icon has been associated with racist views.