American Iron Auctioneer gets $1m prize

The owner of an auction house has won a $1.1 million cash prize for his work to digitise the US’s antiquities.

Key points:Auctioneer Kevin Haney has been the US auctioneer for over 40 yearsThe $1 million prize is the largest for an auctioneer in the countryMr Haney’s work is an innovative and innovative way of digitising historic artefactsMr Haneys team has been dubbed the “American Iron Auctioneers” by US auctioneers, who have described the effort as an “innovative, innovative and exciting way of dealing with the antiquities”.

The prize was handed to Mr Haney by US antiquities group AAMC, who said Mr Hanes innovative approach has been a “huge success” and has seen the value of American Iron in the US go from $1,500 to $1 billion in a single year.

“It is an amazing achievement, an incredible amount of cash,” AAMA President Steve Baskin told reporters at the auction.

“We are delighted to be able to award this award to Kevin Haneies team for their tireless efforts to digitize the US antiquity market.”

Mr Hanes team has created a tool to process and analyse a large amount of items, and then produce a unique and complete catalogue.

“He’s the one that is responsible for the collection of these items,” AAMA Executive Director Gary Kline said.

“And he’s also the one who’s been the driving force behind the preservation of American heritage and the preservation and conservation of our nation’s past.”

Mr Kline described the work as an innovation and a significant achievement in the digital age.

“For us to see this come together is really gratifying and a really positive development,” he said.

Mr Hays team has also created an online database of nearly 3,000 items, which they hope to use to digitises American Iron.

Mr Klines said he was looking forward to the “exciting future” ahead of the auction, but the winning bid had to be approved by the auctioneer himself.

Mr Gains said the auctioneers work was “very exciting”.

“This is one of the most innovative, innovative, exciting and exciting things we’ve seen in the last 40 years,” he told the ABC.

“I think we’ve got to be proud of what he’s done.”

Mr Gons work was hailed by the US Government and was endorsed by the American Society of Antiquities.

“The American Iron auctioneers’ pioneering work to develop and digitise American Iron has provided us with invaluable knowledge and insight that has led to a wealth of information for the American public and for the preservation community,” the AAMA said in a statement.

“Mr Hanyes work is inspiring, inspiring and will continue to provide important and useful information to the public and to the AAMAs mission.”