California court rules in favor of sellers in auction that led to death of homeless man

A California judge has ruled in favor and thrown out a lawsuit against a homeless man who had been charged with a felony for selling him his own car.

The lawsuit, filed in February, had alleged that on Feb. 5, a San Francisco man was driving a stolen SUV and was in a stolen carjacking in Berkeley when the driver of the stolen SUV tried to run him over.

The driver, who was in the SUV with the stolen car, had a .22 caliber pistol and a .40 caliber revolver on him, according to court documents.

He told the driver to “take it easy” and said that if he tried to shoot him, “you’re going to die,” according to the lawsuit.

The man told police that he had the gun in the glove compartment and that he “did not want to shoot anybody.”

The lawsuit said that he told police “he was going to kill this guy and not have to pay a dime.”

The man was arrested after a short foot chase.

He pleaded not guilty to a felony charge of driving under the influence.

The California Supreme Court heard arguments in the case on Friday, and the judge has yet to rule on the issue.

The ruling is expected in the coming weeks.