How the Iron Horse Auction Center in Pennsylvania went from an all-inclusive auction center to a collection of thousands of auctions

The Pa auction center is the biggest collection of items on Earth, and it has an online auction that’s been going on for over 10 years.

The Pa Auction Center, the state’s largest and oldest, was built in the late 1940s as an all inclusive auction center.

The center, which also houses a museum, holds auctioneers from around the state who go door to door collecting auction items from different states.

The auctions range from items from cars to antique furniture.

The auction house, which is run by the National Association of Broadcasters, has more than 100 employees and operates a huge online catalogue of auction items, including furniture and antique items.

The Pennsylvania auction house has been around since 1872 and has a reputation for producing the largest collection of auctioned items on the planet.

This past summer, the Pa Auction House announced plans to shut down the site, after the state was hit with a severe economic recession.

The shutdown will be complete by the end of the year.

“We had a tremendous recession, we had an unemployment rate that was high, we have a significant budget deficit, and there were many other issues.

There were just a lot of things that caused us to be able to not only to run this auction house but also to do it with the level of service that we do, the level that we expect to get,” said Steve Rolfes, the president of the Pennsylvania Auction House.

Rolfers told ABC News the state lost $3 billion in economic activity in 2016.

The site was set up as a one-stop-shop for collecting auction merchandise and the state is using the collection to help fund its schools, health care and veterans programs.

In 2017, the auction house added a mobile auction section where visitors can look at the collection and view photos of the items that are being auctioned.

“The site has become such a treasure trove of historical artifacts that we are able to share this with our guests,” Rolfer said.

“It’s a place that’s open for the whole family to enjoy, to have the opportunity to view, to buy, to auction and to collect.

It’s one of the few places that can help you learn about the history of Pennsylvania.”

Since the site was created in 2002, the collection has grown to more than 7,000 items, Rolfs said.

The collection is also being used to support various charitable organizations.

Rolphs said the auctions have been able to support a number of local and national organizations, such as the Greater Philadelphia chapter of the American Cancer Society, which has collected more than $2 million in donated items.

“Our goal is to have a legacy that’s going to remain, and that’s what we’re trying to achieve through this auction,” Rolphes said.

Ralfers said that the auctions are able do this because they are operated on a one time basis and it’s easy for the people who work in the auction room to keep an eye on the collection.

“In order to be successful, you have to be organized, and we have people who are always working, always on their phones, always in the building, always out in the field, always working in their office,” he said.