How to make your own custom adesa billboard

When a friend asked me to build a custom adESA billboard, I couldn’t resist.

And the price was right.

The $300 price tag seemed like a fair price to me, and I couldn´t find any similar billboards in the Houston area.

So I decided to build one myself.

So what you see here is my first custom adega billboard.

I spent a week looking for the perfect spot, and after a few days of searching I found a location in West Texas.

I chose the spot where a friend lives and it was perfect for my project.

It´s the perfect location to have a billboard that´s going to stand out on the street.

My friend is a big billboard fan and is looking forward to seeing what I´m building.

He said it looks pretty cool and I can´t wait to see it.

You can view the original adesa photo above or the new adesa image below.

The original image is from January 1, 2018, while the new image is taken on September 11, 2018.

Here is the video I created to show you how it came together.