How to win a bakersfields auction

The last time a bakeshop in the city was sold for more than €50,000, it took six years for a buyer to pay the hammer.

Now the auctioneer behind the biggest bakershop auction in the US is selling the most recent one for €20,000 – a record price for a baker’s house. 

On Friday, Eric Boehmings, an agent with auction house Bakersfield Public Auction, announced the new bakers house was the highest bidder in the $100,000-plus bakeshops auction held in Fresno.

The bid for the new Bakersfields bakers home is €20 million ($23 million).

It was the lowest price paid for a house in the United States for at least a decade, with the previous record being €27 million paid for the house at a Christie’s sale in 2007. 

Boehmings said he had hoped to break the record for the bakers’ house auction because it is the first time the bakeshouses were sold at auction, the only time since 2002 that a home has sold in the state.

Boehms bid is the highest in Fresno history, with an auction house bidding of €27,000 for a home. 

The previous record for bakers in the county was held in 2006, when a house sold for €32 million. 

“It’s a historic house that’s been in Fresno since the 1870s and that has been in good hands,” Boehmans said.

“I think people want to see it in good shape, so I think that’s why it’s going to sell.”

Boehnings said his team had been working for a year to prepare for the auction and that they expected a successful bid.

He said that the bakery had only been open for three years when it was sold, but that he expected it to be open for another three years.

“This is the culmination of many years of planning and planning and preparation,” Boehms said.

Bakersfield is in a competitive market for bakeseries.

A record-breaking house was sold last year in Fresno, but the price tag was so high that it was worth just over half of the current median home price.

The median home in Fresno is now worth just under $1 million, according to a new US Census Bureau report. 

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, about 70 percent of all US households have no more than one employee and more than 40 percent have no employees at all. 

For bakers, the challenge is keeping a business that produces a wide variety of goods, including cakes, pastries, cookies, muffins and other goods.

The bakers have a small workforce and must hire outside workers, including contractors.