I’ll do anything for a good shot, says gun auction bidder

A gun auctioneer in New South Wales has been caught buying more than $50,000 worth of stolen firearms before a gunman killed his victims.

Key points:Guns auctioneer Mark O’Brien had been accused of buying guns before the gunman killed three men in a cafe in Sydney’s inner-westFive of the six victims were shot dead in the cafe in July 2016Two guns were recovered from the gunman’s apartment, along with more than a kilogram of cocaineGuns sold at gun auctions in NSW have come under scrutiny for the quality of their parts.

Mr O’Byrne bought guns at gun shows, auction houses and online in the past two years before he was arrested last week.

He told the court he bought about $50K worth of firearms from five people he knew, including a gun he bought on July 7, 2016, that day he shot dead two men in the Sydney cafe.

“I didn’t go to the gun shows.

I didn’t sell my gun at auction,” Mr O’Reilly said.”

What I did was I sold my gun to a guy at the gun show, and he bought it from me and he sold it to me again at the same gun show in August 2016.”

That’s when the gun went missing.

“Mr OBrien, 42, pleaded guilty to the firearms offences at the Federal Court in Sydney on Thursday.

He will be sentenced in November.

The court heard he bought two handguns, two shotguns and a shotgun shell from a man who bought them from a gun show.”

It was a very big, big gun, and there was a lot of gun parts and it was not a very good gun,” Assistant Commissioner Ian Chivers said.

Mr Chivers told the hearing that the guns sold by Mr OBrien “went missing” at gun show shows.”

When you’re in the gun industry, you see a lot more than you would at auction.

“If it’s a very well-trained gunman, you’d think he would have bought a lot better guns than that,” he said.

He said there were more than 20 different types of guns on sale at gunshows and gun auctions.

“We would have been able to find out if this guy had the money to buy these guns,” he added.

The gun auction has drawn criticism from police, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission and politicians.ABC News’ Anthony Johnson reported that guns bought at gun sales had been “sold in pieces and disassembled” at the police station, with parts used to build the guns.

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