Which auction sites will you choose for your next buy?

eBay’s bidding wars with online retailers over auction space are expected to continue over the next few weeks, with sites like Amazon, Amazon.com and eBay competing with one another for bids to purchase items on their websites.

A number of the companies vying for bids include Google, eBay, Amazon and Microsoft, but also the likes of Microsoft, Walmart, and Apple.

eBay’s online store, called eBay.com, has been a favorite of online shoppers since it first launched in 2006, but the auction site’s competition with the likes at other online retailers is expected to be fierce, especially with the auction house’s recent acquisition of Amazon’s e-commerce business.

The auction house also announced Tuesday that it will begin listing items on its website for sale on its online store next month, with more than 300 items slated to be listed by the end of the year.

The company’s goal, as CEO Andrew Mason put it, is to “bring online shopping to more people, not fewer.”

In addition to the listings on eBay, which will be available for purchase, the company also announced that it plans to begin selling online orders for some of its other products, including Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4 tablet, and a new pair of Apple Watch bands.

A new product from Amazon, the Echo Show smart speaker, is also slated to go up for sale.

For the full list of items on the eBay website, click here.