Which is the Best Buy Deal?

A top-selling online auction house has revealed the best-selling items on the Ebay website for the first time.

The site, which also has eBay’s own “Best Buy” listing service, revealed the top 10 deals of the day Wednesday, including some of the most popular items for sale at auction, including a pair of earrings, a $2,500 car, and an iPad.

The most popular auction items were listed as the “Girard” and “RB” auctions, according to the online auction site.

The top sellers for the day included a pair in the $2.1 million range for the earrings.

The highest-selling item at auction was a $4,900 Audi A5, a car that has been on sale for $8,500 to $10,000 since 2013.

The A5 has been a popular car for a while, and many people are now buying it as a gift.