Why the Dutch auctioned off all their diamonds and pearls

A lot of money is on the line for the Netherlands, with an auction house auctioning off all its diamonds and pendants in a massive display of wealth.

The country’s biggest diamond dealer, Nauta Diamond, is set to sell the jewelry at a market price of about $1.7 billion ($1.1 billion) for a total of more than $5 billion.

Nauta has had a long and illustrious history, as its founder, Gerhard Schulz, had been in the diamond business for decades before his death in 2013.

The diamond industry has been booming in recent years, as demand for diamonds has exploded.

Nantas Diamonds was founded in 1987 and is the world’s largest diamond company, according to its website.

Nantas was established as the first gem producer in the Netherlands.

It has now grown to become one of the worlds largest diamond companies with sales valued at about $11 billion.

In order to achieve that level of growth, the company has spent a lot of time developing and developing technologies, according the Nautas website.

One of the company’s innovations is the “beading” process, which uses diamonds to make beads that can be attached to any object, including jewelry.

Nano, a Dutch jewelry manufacturer, made its own jewelry using this technology.

“Nantaus Diamonds uses nano technology to make unique jewelry for its customers in the jewellery industry, as well as for the jewelry industry itself,” the company said in a statement.

“Its technology allows Nantaus to manufacture jewelry in the most precise, eco-friendly, and environmentally friendly way possible.”

Nautas Diamond has already sold out of its first batch of 5 million diamonds, which are worth about $6.7 million each, and plans to have sold off the remaining diamond collection.

Nautais Diamond will be the first company to sell its jewelry collection in the United States.

The auction is set for Friday, according.