2-year-old dies at auction for her grandfather’s $4,500 auction horse

A 2-week-old girl from New Mexico died after a auction horse auction was put up for sale.

Auctioneer David Rocha of The Racing Company of America said a couple of weeks ago that they were selling the horse to a woman named Lola Bemrose.

The auctioneer says Bemroot wanted to take the horse out to a horse auction in San Antonio, Texas, and then had it brought to New Mexico, where the auctioneer said Bemroots daughter was able to come along.

“It was just a beautiful day, sunny, warm, a little hot and sunny,” Rochas grandson, Matthew Roch, said of the day.

The horse, a silver-breasted stallion named Geezer, died about a week after it was auctioned, Rochs grandson said.

It was sold by auction house W.P.R. Auctioneers in a $4.8 million sale.

Roch said he believes Bemrazes daughter was there.

Rocha said the horse has a good condition and he plans to sell it on Saturday.

He said the auction house was able, because of a special permit, to remove the horse from the auction site.

Rachals granddaughter is a part of the auction, he said.

Bemrose has not responded to ABC News’ request for comment.