Bakersfield Auction Wins Bid for Honda Parts Company’s HQ

Bakersfields auctioneer Brad Smith Jr. says he won a $5.8 million bid from a Honda dealership to acquire the Kansas City-based Honda Parts & Service Company’s headquarters.

The company is one of several manufacturers seeking to take advantage of the growing trend of self-driving vehicles.

Smith said Thursday that he has been working with the Kansas Department of Transportation, which is seeking to redevelop a vacant building.

Smith has been seeking to acquire an office space in Bakers, a small city in central Kansas, for about three years, said Jay Haines, the dealership’s president and chief executive officer.

“The last few months we’ve been very optimistic,” Hainles said.

“But right now we have a very limited window of opportunity to be able to make this transaction happen.”

Smith is the first owner of the dealership to win a bid.

He was also the owner of a dealership that opened in Wichita, Kan., in 2017, according to the Kansas Association of Business.

In 2016, Honda said it would lease out its downtown Kansas City headquarters to the Bakers Field auctioneers.

The dealership is expected to begin operations this summer.

“We have a great team that has been a great partner for the dealership,” Hains said.

Honda was looking to sell its Wichita headquarters and buy an office building on its Kansas City campus, the company said.

The building at the northwest corner of Main Street and First Avenue is owned by Kansas City’s City-County Planning Commission.

The Kansas City area is home to several major auto parts suppliers, including Honda.

The auto parts company said Thursday it expects to hire more than 200 people over the next few years and spend $6.5 billion on capital investments, including expanding the city’s roads.

The bid was announced Wednesday and includes more than 1,000 items.

The bidding began at noon ET, and the sale closed at 9 p.m. ET.