How to bid for the most Iron Horse auction items

Iron Horse is auctioning off its own Iron Horse merchandise and the company is hoping to collect more than $300,000 in revenue this year.

The company is selling the original, iconic Iron Horse boots and the shoes worn by the legendary boxer Jack Johnson, as well as a variety of other merchandise, including a commemorative coin.

It’s also auctioning a variety in the style of vintage and retro pieces, including Iron Horse pins and badges.

Iron Horse isn’t exactly known for its creativity, but the company’s website shows it is known for having some really interesting items, like the Iron Horse “Lamb of God” pin.

The pin features a silhouette of a man holding a lamb, and the description says the “spirit of the lamb” guides the wearer in a “spiritual journey.”

If you’re interested in seeing the original Iron Horse product, you can check out the company at and Iron Horse’s Facebook page.

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