How to buy a diamond at auction: A guide

You can buy a fine diamond for $20,000.

How much does that really buy?

Read more The two-year-old auction house Grafe Auctioneers is the second-largest diamond auction house in the world.

Its owner, Australian-born Graeme Graeme, has had his eye on diamonds for more than 20 years and has amassed a wealth of diamonds that he will sell for $80m to raise funds for a charity called Diamonds of Hope.

“We’ve got quite a bit of diamonds in the family and the one thing that I love about diamonds is they’re timeless,” he said.

“You can wear it, you can take it with you and carry it everywhere you go.”

Graeme said his business was on track to break even within a year of the diamond sale, with an estimated total of $80 million.

The first $25m of the sale will go to the charity, while the rest will be split between the two owners.

The two are working together to raise more money for the organisation, which aims to end the trafficking of diamond in South Africa.

The sale of the auction house is expected to be a record-breaking sale for an auction, with Graeme selling over 500,000 diamond pieces last year alone.

Graeme, who was born in South Australia, said he had always been interested in the sale of diamonds, and had been trying to find diamonds for years.

“I’m actually quite excited to be able to sell some,” he told ABC Radio.

“I’ve always loved diamonds.

I love the fact that they’re beautiful, they’re functional and they can be worn, they can make a statement.”

Grafe Auctioneer director of sales and marketing and sales manager, Simon Jones, said the company was thrilled to be joining the auction chain.

“As a marketer, you’re always looking to sell to a buyer you think has the right kind of heart and mind and a really keen eye,” he explained.

“Our clients have been really positive about it.”

They’ve been really enthusiastic and we’re really excited to bring the Graeme auction house to market.

“The Graeme Auctioneers are also one of the first in the country to open up a Diamonds section of their website, and they are offering free online viewing and bookings for buyers who are new to diamonds.

Grafe auctioneers will be offering a free online watchlisting option on their site as well.

But for some, it may be difficult to make the sale.”

It may be hard for a younger buyer to see how much they can get for a piece of jewellery,” said Jones.

I think it’s an excellent way to raise money for charity.”

Jones said that many people would be interested in purchasing a piece, but there would be many who would not be interested at all.

“Some people might be quite keen to see if it’s worth it, but for other people, it’s not going to be worth it,” he added.

Graems own collection of diamonds includes some of the most precious gems in the Australian market, including the Rubies, Emeralds, Sapphire and Diamonds.

He said he would be offering all of his collection to the public, and said that his clients were extremely happy with the auction.

Graeme is also working on his own collection, which includes some rare diamonds that have been auctioned off at auction.

“If I can get my collection to market, then that’s fantastic,” he laughed.

Grumes collection includes some diamonds that were auctioned for less than $1,000,000 last year, and some that sold for more.

However, he said it was difficult to sell his collection in one go, as it had to be carefully sorted and sorted out.

As for the diamonds sold, he will donate the proceeds to charity.

“When you’ve bought something, you want to be happy with it,” Graeme said.

If you or anyone you know needs help, contact the Salvation Army’s National Diamond Centre on 1300 626 474.

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