How to buy a tattoo on the cheap with a $10 tattoo in Delhi

An all-inclusive tattoo for Rs.10.

The ink on your tattoo is worth Rs.20,000, according to the auction house where you can get one.

The sale was on Thursday in Dhanbad, where a tattoo of the Hindu deity Lord Krishna can be seen.

A tattoo artist called Gudiya Singh said he got the tattoo from a client.

He told NDTV that the client was in his late teens and was an educated person.

“He was a young Indian man and I had tattoos for him.

He had them done by a very skilled artist,” he said.

The tattoo was for a girl friend of the artist, who was the girl’s mother.

“I thought it would be good to have a girl-only tattoo, but the client didn’t want any girls,” he added.

Gudiya told NDtv that the tattoo was made by a tattoo artist in the city of Delhi.

NDTV visited the tattoo shop and asked the artist to show us the images on the ink.

He told us that the girl was his mother’s friend.

“She is a Muslim girl.

The girl is very pious and always wears a hijab.

I had a friend who was a Muslim and had tattoos too,” he told NDCTV.

He said that his mother had died three years ago.

NDtv asked Gudya about the number of the tattoo.

“The tattoo has a value of Rs.50,000,” he replied.

The sale of a tattoo is not a new thing in India.

A few years ago, there was a tattoo auction in Mumbai for Rs 20,000.

But in 2017, a Mumbai court rejected a petition for an auction.

A tattoo shop owner, who did not want to be named, said that he had sold an ink tattoo to a client for Rs 10,000 and that the seller is now living in Pakistan.

“A few days ago, the person got married and now the marriage is over.

So, I have to sell the ink tattoo.

There is no demand for this type of tattoo,” he explained.

The auction house had not received any formal complaint, NDTV said.

The Delhi government has also been encouraging tattoo-makers to do more for women.

A bill, proposed by Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal and the Delhi High Court, was submitted to the Parliament last year.