How to buy your dream motorbike at auction

The world of motorcycle auctions is a unique one, and a few days before the start of the American Motorcycle Auction Week, the National Motorcycle Museum in Nashville is hosting a bidding war on its latest acquisition. 

The biker auction house is auctioning off its own motorcycle, a 1969 Yamaha XB-500, which has been stripped of its paint and parts and set to be auctioned off on February 28. 

 The motorcycle has an estimated value of $3.6 million, but with the bidding frenzy going on, that could easily be much higher. 

Motorcycle enthusiasts are now looking to buy a new motorcycle at auction for a lower price than what they’re currently paying for their current ride. 

The Yamaha XBR500 is one of the most unique bikes to ever grace the road, and there’s nothing quite like taking your first ride.

But what if you want to buy the bike for a better price? 

You might be able to find a buyer who is willing to pay more than the asking price, according to a recent article in the New York Times. 

Bike enthusiasts are bidding up the price of their new rides with an increasing number of buyers wanting to get their hands on a rare and collectable piece. 

“It’s all about being a savvy buyer and being willing to have a good, well-trained eye on the bike,” says David Tompkins, the owner of Tompkin Bike & Tractor Supply in California.

“People are buying these bikes for their first time. 

They’re hoping that they can get something they’ll be proud of for a long time.” 

Tompkins has owned a number of vintage motorcycles and he believes the Yamaha X BR500 is unique in its history. 

But with the market in high demand, the price will also have a big impact on how much the buyer will pay. 

Tampons owner David Tampons, who has owned his own motorcycle for 27 years, believes the price is too high for many buyers. 

“[I] am selling because I have to pay for the bike.

I don’t want to be paying a premium for the privilege of owning a bike,” he says.

“I have to have it for a reason.” 

But many buyers won’t be able afford to pay a premium, as many have already purchased used bikes and bikes that were recently sold for as little as $150,000. 

For those who do buy a bike for an inflated price, there’s always the option to replace the bike with a cheaper model. 

If you’re looking to get your hands on the most desirable motorcycle in history, you can start by buying a used bike, says Tampers friend and dealer Steve LeBlanc. 

LeBlanc is also a certified professional motorcycle mechanic and a former owner of a Kawasaki KZ650 that was bought by the motorcycle dealer. 

He says if you don’t know how to buy, you could easily end up with a very expensive bike.

“The average person is buying bikes for the next five years, not for the first few,” LeBlANC says. 

According to LeBlances opinion, buying a new bike is a great way to increase your financial security. 

It also has the added benefit of giving you the option of purchasing an original motorcycle if you can’t afford to replace it. 

And LeBlancer says it can even be fun to swap bikes out at the end of the auction.

“If you want a Honda, go for the Kawasaki, and if you just want to swap the bikes out, then you can go with the Yamaha,” he explains.

“You can have two motorcycles that are identical, and one of them is a KZ, the other one is a Kawi. 

You can also go for an XBR and an XC. 

All the people who are going to buy these bikes, they’re not going to want to have to go to a shop and have the paint work done. 

What I like to do is just put the bike together, put the wiring harness together, then I take the battery out, put it back together, and then I put the battery back together. 

Then I take it out, I swap it in, and I’m off.” 

LeBanc believes there’s a lot more interest in the bikes being built and the current owners, and that is likely because the market is more crowded with older and less desirable motorcycles. 

At the moment, the Yamaha is the most popular bike on the auction block, with more than 200,000 bidders, and the bidding is still going on. 

However, many people are going through the motions of bidding in order to buy their first new motorcycle, and some have found that their first purchase will change their life forever. 

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