Indian house auctioneer says it will not accept bids in Delhi, Jammu and Kashmir

A real estate agent has called off bidding on an auction in Delhi and Jammu, as part of a push to boost tourism and make the capital the best place to live.

Rajesh Gopal, owner of Gopal Properties, said the move was in the best interest of the city and was in line with his desire to attract visitors and investors.

He said the property will be sold by auction house, Naveen & Co. in the city’s southern district of Amritsar, and that the company has been working for months to get the bidding on the auction site agreed.

“We will not bid in Delhi or Jammu,” Gopal said, adding that Naveens bidding is in line in its contract with the government and has not been altered.

Gopal said the decision to cancel the auction was taken after consultations with various government departments, including the tourism department, tourism ministry, tourism department of Jammu region, the tourism minister and the chief minister of the state.

He denied that the decision was related to a recent controversy that saw the government issuing a warning to foreign visitors in Delhi to be careful about bidding.

He also said the company will continue to monitor the situation in Delhi in the wake of the announcement.

“It is in the interest of everyone in the country, including our guests, to see the bidding process in the capital of the country in line and not to let things go as they are,” Goval said.

The auction will take place in the northern district of Patiala, with the winner to be announced by April.