When the Goldin Auction Goes Off the Grid

Posted August 28, 2018 04:06:19 The Goldin auction in Tucson, Arizona, is going off the grid.

As of this week, the auction house is closing the sale and auctioning off the properties that were bought in the previous auctions.

“We’ve had a lot of buyers come in to try and sell,” said Paul Goldin, the president and CEO of Goldin.

“But we’re really pleased to say, we have not lost any of our value.

We still have a lot that we have to sell.”

The auctions, which are run by the Arizona Lottery and Gaming Commission, are being held in three cities: Tucson, Flagstaff, and Tempe.

The sale is expected to be finished in mid-September.

As a result, Goldin is able to start the auction process again.

It will also be selling off some properties, like the property in Flagstaff.

Goldin said the auctions are not a moneymaker for the auction houses.

“I don’t think there’s much to the whole thing,” he said.

“If we sell the property, we can then buy some other properties for pennies on the dollar.”

The Goldins said the proceeds from the auctions will go to benefit the Arizona Humane Society.

In the past, Goldins auctions have sold for $1 million to $2 million.

The auctions have also helped fund Arizona’s Humane Society, which has helped to save lives by saving animals from euthanasia and spay and neuter programs.

“The auction houses are not making money,” Goldin told CNNMoney.

“Our goal is to provide the animals with the best quality care possible and we want to make sure that we are making a profit, too.”

But that does not mean that the auctions have become an easy sell for some buyers.

“Some of the properties are a little bit of a shock,” Goldins explained.

“For us, it’s always been a big, hard decision.

But we just don’t have the resources to go and buy all the properties.”

Goldin also said the auction homes will not be selling any of the remaining properties.

“These auctions are still going on, so we’re still going to be here,” he explained.

He said the sale of properties will be open to anyone who wants to buy the properties.

For those who do not want to purchase a property, Goldinos auctions will continue on as normal.

“That’s the way it is,” he added.

Goldins is hoping to sell his family’s ranch home in Flagland, Arizona for $10 million.

He told CNN that he has no plans to sell it.

“It’s all going to go into our retirement fund,” he told CNN.

“And I don’t want to give up the ranch.”