CarMax auction sells $1.2M at Bonhams, a new record for a British car

The auction house’s latest British car sale broke a record for the most car sales ever, with an estimated price of $1,2 million.

The auction, held in London, also sold two new records.

The car was auctioned for the first time at Bonamars Bonham Hall in London in April.

The sale, which was part of a car auction held by the Bonham Group, was the largest ever at a British auction house.

Bonham said it sold 1,547 vehicles.

It sold a new Bentley Continental GT3 sports car for £1.4 million, and a Bentley Continental SL coupe for £821,000.

It also sold a Lamborghini Aventador LP570-4 Murcielago LP570B for £5.1 million.

In April, the auction house sold two cars in the same year.

The two most expensive vehicles sold at the Bonamans were the Bentley Continental GTS RS and the Bentley Golf GT4.

At the time, Bentley said the GT4 was the most expensive car ever sold at Bonams Bonham.

Bentley is not the only British car maker to sell at Bonmans Bonham auction.

Ford sold its Bentley Continental E-Class in February at the same time as its Bentley GT3 at Bonmans Bonham hall.

In March, Mercedes-Benz sold its brand new SLS AMG sports car in a Bonham sale, also at Bon-mans.

Bentley sold its latest Bentley Continental S in March for £2.9 million.