How to avoid a Darr Auction in Melbourne

With the state’s auction house running out of space and no other buyers in the market, Darr is offering a chance to bid on a piece of history.

The Darr auction house in Melbourne is asking for a piece from the former Victoria’s Premier, John Kerr, who died in May.

The former premier, who led the Victorian Labor government from 1975 to 1987, died in a car crash in March.

The auction house said on Friday it had found the original Darr painting on eBay for $5,000.

It would like to use the proceeds to help rebuild the local community and the state.

It said it had offered to use part of the proceeds from the sale of the painting to support local community projects.

Mr Kerr was one of the last politicians to win a state election in Victoria, and the first to win the premiership.

The painting has also been sold for more than $30,000 on eBay.

Darr has also offered a chance for people to bid.

A number of other auctions in Melbourne are also running at capacity, with people bidding on a collection of paintings by Damien Hirst and Robert Rauschenberg, among others.

Mr Raushenberg died in 2008 and was the only one to be honoured with the title of the state art painter.

It was also a man who had been described as “a great Australian painter”.

In 2016, he was also the first person to be granted a state medal of distinction by the Australian Government.

Mr Hirst was also given a state award in 2011, and died in 2009.

He was also awarded the Australian Academy of Art’s medal of excellence for his work with watercolours and landscapes.

He also won the Academy’s medal for the best watercolour portrait.

Mr Darr said the painting was in good condition and he was interested in bidding on it.

“This painting is of a former Premier and former Premier Kerr.

It has never been seen in public before, but it has been on eBay,” he said.

“I think it is a great piece and I think it has an exceptional value.”