How to win the World Series 2018 with the Royals and Yankees

A couple of weeks ago, ESPN Insider’s John Gambadoro broke down the Royals’ best and worst chances for a World Series title.

Today, he looks at the Yankees’ best chance to win it all, and if they can get it done in September.

The Royals have a good chance to do it.

They have the best record in baseball, and they’ve won two World Series in the past three seasons.

The only thing that’s left for them to accomplish is to beat the Yankees and win the National League East.

The Yankees, however, have a lot to prove.

The best team in baseball right now, the Washington Nationals, is coming off a disastrous season, and while they’re not going to make the playoffs, they’re certainly not in danger of losing the World Championship.

The Royals, by contrast, are a good team, and their core is a deep one that includes star right-hander Drew Pomeranz and ace Mike Moustakas.

The Nationals, meanwhile, are rebuilding, and that rebuild is on track to start in 2018.

The Kansas City Royals are one of the best teams in baseball.

The next five years should be no different.

The Blue Jays are a team that has struggled to put up much offense, but the Royals are going to need to put together a strong offense if they want to win their first World Series.

The Jays, in particular, are an intriguing threat.

They’ve got three All-Stars, a young pitcher in Marcus Stroman, a strong young catcher in Devon Travis, and a young starting pitcher in Jose Bautista.

They also have the kind of young pitching staff that can give the Royals a run for their money.

It’s not a perfect group, and the Jays have yet to prove that they can do it all.

But the Royals, in a division that has been extremely competitive this year, should have a real shot at making the World Championships.

That doesn’t mean the Royals have to play the Yankees.

The Twins, Nationals, Dodgers, and Marlins all have the ability to take the Yankees to the World Finals.

They just have to beat them.

It doesn’t matter who they play, or how they play.

It just has to be a game that both teams can win.

And if the Royals can do that, then they have a chance to claim their first championship in the franchise’s history.

Here’s what we know about the Yankees:They have the third-best record in the National Leagues.

They are in the thick of a wild-card race, with six games left.

They’ll play the Dodgers in two weeks, and then face the Twins on September 2.

The Marlins are in third place, but are still in a playoff race with four games to play.

The Dodgers are in last place, and have the second-best chance at winning the NL East, which has two wild-cards.

The Indians are third in the NL Central.

The Cubs are tied for last in the wild-Card race, but have the eighth-best shot at winning it all in September and October.

The Pirates are in first place, tied for second in the Central, but will need a win over the Nationals and Marlins to get into the postseason.

The Yankees, meanwhile are in seventh place, with three games left in the regular season.

The team is looking to bounce back from a tough September, when it was swept by the Mets and lost its next six games.

The organization hasn’t played much defense since September, but that could change this season, when manager Joe Girardi has a young, promising lineup, a top-of-the-rotation starter, and an all-star shortstop in Derek Jeter.

The Red Sox are in sixth place, trailing the Yankees by four games.

It could all go wrong for the Yankees in 2018, if the team doesn’t win a World Championship in September or October.

Here are the Royals:The Royals aren’t a bad team, but they are a bit inconsistent.

They’re averaging .231 runs per game and allowing nearly 60 home runs per season.

That’s the lowest mark in the league.

They struggle offensively, too.

They only have five players with at least 30 home runs.

The other two are the starters, Alex Gordon and Lorenzo Cain, and there are only eight players with double-digit homers.

But it’s a team with a good bullpen, a solid starting rotation, and some quality pitching.

The bullpen is a question mark, but manager Ned Yost is the best in the game, and his young pitchers have been excellent.

It might be too soon to declare the Royals favorites.

If it were a game between the best two teams in the division, then the Royals would probably have a slight edge.

But the Royals don’t need to play a perfect game to make it in September, and it’s not that hard to beat a team like the Yankees without playing great baseball.

The Blue Jays, on the other hand, have