The U.S. Mint is considering a $1.3 billion loan to help keep up with the costs of printing gold coins, according to a report by Reuters.

The U.K. mint is the largest U.A.E. mint with nearly $4 billion in sales, but its revenue is only $1 million, Reuters said.

The $1 billion loan would be part of a $30 billion fund that U.N. officials have created to help meet a global inflation crisis.

The United States Mint is currently printing about 1,500 coins a year for the world’s coins.

But the Mint is also in a financial straitjacket that’s meant to keep up the value of the U.R.O.S., the largest of the world coins, from falling too far.

Gold bullion has been surging in the past year due to rising interest rates in Europe and a sharp drop in the price of silver.

But it has also fallen due to the financial crisis.

That’s been exacerbated by a drop in gold demand and concerns over the stability of the dollar, according the Reuters report.

The new U.B. Mint project would provide the U-S.

mint $1 in cash each year, according Reuters.