What will it be worth? Birmingham auto auctioneer’s song to be sold at auction

Birmingham auto sale has been sold by the auctioneer.

Birmingham auto sales are set to be the biggest ever.

The Birmingham Auto Auctioneer will be auctioning off an iconic song by Birmingham singer-songwriter, songwriter and singer-rapper, Sir Paul McCartney.

A special auction is being held for the song titled The Way You Go, which features McCartney singing about his home town of Birmingham, England, and his home city of Sheffield, England.

Sir Paul is best known for the music that he recorded and recorded in the 1950s and 1960s.

He was known as the “King of British Music” and was a major influence on many artists of the period.

The song was written during the height of the Cold War.

McCartney has sold over 30 million records worldwide, and is a major player in the rock, pop and country music genres.

The British record industry is said to be in a “tough spot”.

Sir Paul will also be auctioned off a commemorative plaque and a certificate of appreciation.

Auctions run by the Birmingham Metropolitan Council are currently taking place.

Birmingham is the second city to be auction in the UK, following the city of Glasgow, Scotland.