Why Wisconsin surplus auction should be cancelled, says the economist who’s leading it

The state’s surplus auction has gone off the rails.

Here’s why.


The money’s coming from nowhere: The money from the surplus auction is being spent on a program that has no connection to Wisconsin’s economy, according to a report from a former Wisconsin state representative.

The Wisconsin State Journal reports that the surplus is supposed to pay for a variety of things including the construction of a new public university, the construction and renovation of a police station, the replacement of aging buildings and the construction or rehabilitation of bridges.

It is not being used to pay down the state’s $1.6 billion debt.

In addition, the surplus fund is being used for a wide range of other things, including a program to expand Medicaid coverage in the state.

It has been used to fund public university construction, fund an investigation into the Wisconsin economy and to fund the state police department.

In a statement, a spokesman for the state Department of Finance, which oversees the surplus, said the surplus was being used solely for projects that benefit Wisconsin citizens.

But the surplus money is being allocated to the Wisconsin Public Employees Retirement System, which is funded entirely by taxes.

The money also will be used for new state-of-the-art public safety facilities, including new police stations, a new jail, new roads and other infrastructure projects.

And it will be spent on other projects, such as a new high school, according the Journal.

The state has spent $3.4 billion on the surplus.

The $1 billion is being paid from the money that is being earmarked for the public university and the $800 million for roads.

The remaining $2.1 billion was being allocated from the rest of the money.

The Journal reported that the money is not coming from the state, but is being donated to the UW by private sources.

The UW is not going to be able to use any of the surplus funds.

It’s being used exclusively to pay the salaries of the state troopers.

The state is asking for more money, but the governor’s office has said the money will not be used.

So what is going on?

The Wisconsin Public Employee Retirement System is funded by taxes, not by spending on any projects, according an article from The Associated Press.

But Wisconsin Public Service Commission President Dan Flynn said that the UW was going to use the money to build new police cars and the UW would be using the surplus to help pay down its debt.

“This is not the same money that was put in the budget for the university,” Flynn told the AP.

“We will be using this money to pay off the debt that’s already in place.

It will be repaid.”

The Journal reports a special committee made up of UW administrators, union leaders and other members of the UW administration has been meeting recently to discuss how to pay back the surplus and the amount of money it will eventually pay down.

A spokesperson for the UW system did not respond to a request for comment.