Why Zomer’s auction is a hit with motorcycle enthusiasts

In the early 1970s, Zomer started buying up small- and mid-size motorcycles at the local auction house.

It was an unusual way to buy motorcycles.

But he liked that it made him a millionaire.

Then, in 1978, he began selling the bikes at the Zomer Motorcycle Auction and Sale.

The hobby soon took off, and the Zomers continued to expand and expand.

By 1987, they had three locations in Southern California and four more in the Bay Area.

Today, the Zomors are headquartered in Santa Clarita and Los Angeles, but Zomer Motors has expanded into other cities around the country.

The motorcycle auction house is a must-see for collectors.

Its members sell vintage motorcycles, as well as antique, used and collectible motorcycles.

It also has auction house events, like the Zommers annual Zomer Auto Auction, which is held in downtown Santa Claritas.

For a good price on vintage and used motorcycles, check out Zomer auctions at www.zomerautobody.com.

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