The Windows 10 Activation Guide

As a regular PC user, you should know that every version of Windows required activation including the latest Microsoft operating system (OS), Win 10.

Some of you may ask, why we need activation? Actually as per Microsoft Software License Terms, you only can use the OS on one device. The activation is to ensure that you are using a valid or legit license copy of Windows.

This article will let you know the different methods that you can use to activate Windows 10.

Is your Windows 10 activated? Just follow the simple steps here and you will know your copy of OS is activated or not:

Go to Start, then select Settings > Update & security > Activation.

windows 10 activation


Windows Activation Method

Officially, there are two methods to activate Win 10. That is the traditional way of using a product key as well as new way of using digital entitlement. With digital entitlement method, you do not require the product key for activation.

However, depending on how you get a copy of Win10 only you can choose whether to use product key or digital entitlement.

Either way required you to purchase a license only you can proceed with activation. The cost of the software usually above $150 depending on the edition of Win10 installed on the PC.

For some of PC users that are lack of budget, you may not be able to upgrade from existing OS. Luckily in the market you will find another method that you can use to activate Windows 10 – using the Win activator.

The free activator or loader is a third-party program that uses to activate Windows and let you enjoy all the features and functionalities of the latest OS.


The Windows Activator

There are several activators or tools you can use to activate Win 10. Some of the tools not only can activate Windows, you also can use it for MS Office activation.

But in order to use the tools, you need to install the OS and the installation files can be downloaded from the Internet for free.

Once you install the OS successfully (or even during the installation stage), you required to activate the system. Usually, you will be given a 30-day to activate the OS if you already install Windows. If you do not activate it, then some of the features will be restricted by the system.

To activate the system using the Win activator, you need to get the files from the Internet like on this page. Here are three of the most popular Windows 10 activators that you can download:

  1. KMSpico
  2. Microsoft Toolkit
  3. KMSauto Net

Of course there are some other activators that you may found on the Internet but the above three are tested to be working on many Win10 PCs.

After all, you can download it from our site and you are free to use. Please note that this is for education purposes only and you can purchase a valid license key once you can afford to buy.

All the best in your Windows activation!

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